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3D printer filament Drybox

Store and print dry filaments

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Dual positions

Mount on printers spool mount or free stand on desk.

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Quick Assemble

Easy to assemble
Tight and precise fit

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Dry Box

Dry storage

Keeps filament dry and always ready to print

Reusable desiccant

Keep desiccant (along with nylon packaging and not only all small jumping balls) in oven at 80-100C for couple of hours and it becomes good as new and can use it again

Mounted or free standing

Drybox can be mounted on the printer or placed on the table or shelf


Has sensor that shows the humidity level inside the box

Why to use DrySpooler

  • No more ugly food containers

    Forget the searching of right size and shape food containers to DIY dry box and then squeezing them in. Dryspooler allows to store the filaments and print right from the drybox.

  • All spool sizes up to 1 kg

    Accepts all spool sizes up to 1 kg. Even the widest ones like Fiberlogy.

  • A lot of silica gel

    Large desiccant surface area ensures quick dehumidification times.

On mount

On table

On shelf

DrySpooler dry box accepts super wide range of 1.75 mm spools in the market. Almost every spool up to 1 kg (2.2 pounds) will fit in.

  • Inner diameter: 50-57 mm (1.97-2.24 inch)
  • Outer diameter: <20.5 mm (7.89 inch)
  • Height: < 78 mm (3.07 inch) or Fiberlogy 86 mm (3.39 inch)